Cookies Policy

Cookies: What are these?
Cookies are small pieces of data which are stored by the user’s browser. Their purpose is to track the pages people visit, your coming-in and Going-out information from our website. By using the information, we detect bad bots too and provide you more good user experience.
Cookies: How does use?
We save all cookies in the User’s browser when he visits our site. We save the user basic information like session id, IP, location, state, city. We can also keep track from where the user comes and where he exit. It will help us to improve the user experience on our website. Later, By using cookies data we’ll improve our services, user experience, client experience and above that our own experience. Our cookies duration is 30 days to expire.
Google Analytics:
Google analytics is a Google’s product which is very helpful for the webmasters for tracking their use and get good suggestions from users. All the session data & cookies data are stored on the Google server we don't have any personal information of our users/clients. We just view user stats on Google Analytics and track the real-time user to prevent spam.
Google Adsense:
Google Adsense is used to monetize our website. Adsense is one of the best-earning sources for website owners. They took advertisement from big companies through their Adwords and they show all ads on google as well on the website. They also use cookies and track the user who is viewing their ads and they save cookies on your browser. They will show ads according to the user expertise, interests, age, or gender because they want to get the response from users. We don't have any record of Google Adsense cookies they managed all cookies records and data on their own server we do not have any access.

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