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Welcome to the fileparrots. We are here to present our privacy policy as it is important for visitors to our Site, the users are visiting and getting some sort of information or gather the data. We will clearly mention that those users who are just visiting our Site for gathering information or participating in any activity on our Site via comment or contact us form, for those we have privacy policies which are clearly mentioned below.

Personal Identifiable Information of Visitors on Site?

The purpose of fileparrots is to filter the bad bots, spam bad requests to protect our clients. We will filter all spam using our firewall. Those users who visit our website, We clearly inform you that we are not gathering any kind of personally identifiable information of any users. Like the name, email, address, phone, security number, credit card information etc.

Non-Public Proof of Information?

We may collect some general information of our visitors like his IP address, user Browser, Operating system, and location, etc. We are not collecting any private information related to our client. It will help us to identify the user is real or it is a bot. On the basis of that information, we block spam and filter all users on our end.

How SpamRefine Gather data?

We gather data from sessions and cookies. Which is very helpful to understand the user experience, usage of internet and the related searches our user performed. On the basis of that data, we improve our user experience. If a visitor came on site from right referral link we will allow to proceed it further otherwise we block that user.

How to guard your information?

We have the proper security system and multiple algorithms that are preventing the unlawful and unethical modifications. Also, we do not gather the personal information from the users that are personal email, name, and credit card information. So we are not responsible if someone got that information somehow.

Are we sharing your personal information?

We do not promote, provide non-public, sell, trade, or show our user/client personal information to any other user, company, or offer us to gain access to the data we have.

Google AdSense Advertising

We are working with AdSense publisher. Our visitors may see ads on our website. The ads we are displaying are served by Google. The other thing is Google uses the DART cookie permits, to show the ads that are related to the user’s related searches which make a better connection with the advertisement and the user. DART is not releasing the user personal information to any other. They just want to serve you better using the cookie and you can also gather further information from Google office ads policies site at

Your Approval of the terms mentioned

The use of our website online, we assume that you agree with our privacy policy and will use our online website. In case you disagree with our privacy policy, we recommend you that please do not use our website services. You can contact us if you have any query. We will get in touch and respond to the demand query.

Get in touch with us?

Still, if you have any type of question, need clarification or some suggestion for us to improve our services or privacy policy. Please feel free to contact us at

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